Five Yummy Beach Snacks your Kids are "shore" to love

May 11, 2017

Confession. I totally love snacking on the beach. There’s something simply magical about basking in the sun, feeling the ocean spray, and taking in the calls of seagulls off in the distance. What’s not so magical is the mess that some snacks can make due to the powerful sun, sand, and salt that is inescapable! Have a beach trip planned in your near future? If so, sink your teeth into some of these sensational, satisfying snacks!

  1. Pineapple and Grilled Chicken Skewers

Whether you grill them on the beach, or bring them already cooked and cooled; you can’t go wrong with this sweet and savory snack! There’s no melting involved and you can easily pull off a few pieces at a time and wrap them back up with ease to ward off any sand!


  1. Lime Chips and Guacamole

There are so many containers on the market today that make traveling with a chip and a dip a breeze. Fill a medium sized, round re-sealable container with your favorite guac recipe. Place a handful of lime flavored tortilla chips in the top compartment that fits and sits on top.  You are guaranteed a snack the whole family will love and with each compartment being sealed off, you don’t have to worry about anything else getting into your food.


  1. Veggie Medley

The last thing you want to do on the beach is over indulge since you’ll be parading around in your bathing suit all day. So, keep things light and fresh for all family members. Make up a veggie medley bag filled with carrots, snap peas, cauliflower, and cool cucumber to keep bellies full between meals, but also flat!


  1. Plantain Chips

Fried, yet light; plantain chips are delightful. They are super low maintenance to tote around and are less greasy than standard potato chips.


  1. Citrus and Bananas

Bananas are virtually sand-proof, so you can never go wrong! Be sure to pair them with a bag full of pre-sliced orange wedges because citrus is not just refreshing on a hot day, but totally re-hydrating!


Beach days are almost upon you, so be sure to consider packing some of these awesome snacks. They aren’t only light and ideal to eat on hot days, but they are pretty effortless to assemble and won’t make a mess all over your towels or swim suits!


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