How to Pack the Perfect Beach Bag #MommyWin

April 20, 2017

Perfect Beach Bag=Perfect Beach Day!

Want to have the perfect beach day with your family? Well, it starts with packing the perfect beach bag. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure you have all your essential beach items neatly tucked away, and some other ocean goodies to take out, use, and play!

Tip #1-Keep Sunscreen in a Wet Bag

Don’t let leaky sunscreen mess up your bag or ruin your fun. Place all lotions and potions in a zippered wet bag. The wet bag will also serve as a means of transporting your wet suits and items on your way home from the beach, without drenching the rest of your stuff.

Tip #2-Choose a Bag with Lots of Pockets

More pockets mean more fun. Choose a bag that allows you unlimited storage, thanks to its many pockets. You can keep keys, phones, and wallets in once section, and beach toys and sports equipment in the others. Not to mention, there’ll be plenty of room for water, snacks, and a change of clothes.

Tip #3-Roll Towels Tightly

When it comes to toting towels, take the roll ‘em up approach, rather than folding them into a rectangular shape on the bottom. This way, your towels will stand perkily up in your bag and leave plenty of room for super soakers, badminton rackets, and even buckets and sand castle equipment.

Tip #4-Bring Snacks-Yum!

A soft, insulated bag is a must if you don’t want to carry around a cooler. You can toss in a soft, but flexible (so it’s easy to fit) ice pack that will keep up to a dozen juice boxes or bottles of water ice cold. You can pack containers filled with fruit, and even rest assured that your sandwiches will remain the perfect temperature.

Tip #5-Kick Sand-Play Up a Notch

Want to really wow other beach goers and keep your kiddos busy for hours? Pack a few spray bottles that contain colored water. Add a few drops of food coloring to each mini bottle and encourage creativity after building castles and other fun sand shapes.

Tip #6-Know When to Say No to Sun

Too much sun can really put a damper on your beach day #fail  Avoid sunburn and over-tiredness by packing a cover up that gives your body a break from the sun. Mini battery powered fans are also compact, so they won’t take up a lot of room in your bag; and they easily clip onto your beach chairs for some added cooling power.

You should also consider selecting children’s swim suits that have a UPF 50+ rating. And, full coverage suits certainly don’t need to be boring. Consider choosing one of these highly protective suits that boast a character theme (like a firefighter, pirate, or mermaid) for not just some added style but some added fun. After all, the last thing you want your kids to remember about your beach day is their sunburn!

Some of your best family memories will be made on the beach. Be sure that your bag is organized, loaded with fun and easy to access items that enhance your day and keeps every member of the family safe and satisfied!  We call that a #MommyWin

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