How To Survive your next Family Road Trip to the Beach

April 21, 2017

There’s nothing like the beach. Warm, salty air; crashing and rolling waves and the warm sand as you stroll down to the tide. Being at the beach is easy. Getting there may be a different story. When you’re traveling with your kiddos, a two or three hour road trip may feel like an eternity. Here are a few road trip survival tips to take into consideration since summer and vacation season is quickly approaching.

Tip #1-Make Bathroom Breaks Fun

Kids need to stretch their legs and exercise their bathroom privileges-especially if you have toddlers in tow. Make the most out of your bathroom breaks by stopping at a park for some impromptu play time, or a site of interest that has some sort of historical significance. Your kids will be ready to get out of the car, will appreciate the break, but it also allows you to lift spirits and participate in a brief activity as a family that will be much more memorable than just going to the bathroom!

Tip #2-Pack Snacks

This is an obvious tip. But, this road trip consider amping up your snack game. For starters, you can pack a Bento box for every member of the family before you leave the house. This way, they get small portions of their favorite goodies-totally customized. You could even make your own trail mix (a healthy activity) while in the car by passing around little bags of yummy nibblers to combine together (again, totally customizable). You can even pack fun and silly straws in the glove box to pop into a juice cup or bottle of water.

Tip #3-Take a Camera Break

In addition to a rest room break, you may want to add in a camera break if you are driving over a couple hours to get to the beach. These scheduled stops add spontaneity to your road trip. Set a timer for a pre-determined amount of time. When the timer goes off, pull off the road for a fun, family picture. It’s sure to make a great conversation piece throughout the years, and may become a family tradition. Even better suggestion? Be silly and have fun with your poses and gestures!

Tip #4-Bring “Road Rewards”

Have a challenging toddler or some kids that can’t quite sit still (or not seem to complain every five miles?). No problem. Pack a few road rewards as incentives. Tell your child if they can make it to a certain mile marker without being spoken to; they have earned a beach reward. Rewards can be things like a beach ball, a new pair of goggles, or a unique swim suit costume that is not only cool to wear, but doubles as a full body sun protector. The opportunities are endless, and your kids are sure to want to earn those goodies!

Road trips can be taxing and tedious. However, they don’t have to be. Keep in mind that with every mile you drive, you are one step closer to your vacation destination. By trying these tips and tricks, you are sure to notice a difference on your next beach road trip.


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