6 Fun Beach Games for Kids

May 31, 2017


Swimming in the ocean and soaking up the sun is pretty much what the beach is about. But, when you have kids in tow, it's fun to make things a little more exciting. Here are a few ways you can amp up your beach games for your next family vacation.

  1. Bean Bags

Bean bags are easy to make, or easy to find in stores. Bring a few with you so you can play a make-shift game. Have the kiddos dig two parallel holes about a foot deep and wide. Follow the traditional rules of bean bags and be sure to promote some friendly family competition.


  1. Frisbee Golf

Frisbees are awesome to pack for the beach because they are so compact and light weight. Let your kids take turns selecting landmarks and counting how many tosses it takes to get their Frisbee to touch it!


  1. Sand Golf

Challenge your kids to design their own sand gulf course! Using nothing but a shovel, help them carve out a mini-golf pathway complete with a hole to sink a plastic golf ball that you pack. Be sure to bring extras in case the ocean carries one away, and pop plastic clubs in between your fold up beach chairs for easy transport.


  1. Treasure Chest

Surprise your kids (and keep them busy for a long time) by filling a bag full of plastic trinkets (such as toy cars, bouncy balls, plastic figurines, etc.). Mark off an area of sand and make your kids cover their eyes while you begin digging. Toss in toys and cover them well with layers of sand. Send the kiddos off on a “treasure” hunt while you soak up some rays (totally uninterrupted).


  1. Bull’s Eye

Choose an area of sand away from the ocean and make several circles of varying sizes. Assign a point value to each “target” and give your kids balls or bean bags (or even beach stones/shells) to see if they can toss each item into a circle. Be sure to keep a tally and reward the winner with a cool treat!


  1. Dress Up

Yes, dress up! Consider purchasing a cool and trendy costume swim suit so your children can role play on the beach. Look for superhero swim suits, officers, princesses, mermaids-you name it. The suits aren’t just cute, they are fully UV-ray protected as well!


Families make long lasting memories at the beach. Amp up your shore games in order to keep the kids engaged, encourage creativity, and enjoy lots of friendly competition and laughter all day long!

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